EAW DN20/3003-8

EAW  DN20/3003-8
EAW  DN20/3003-8
EAW  DN20/3003-8
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  • Model: DN20/3003-8
  • 2" Neodymium Compression Horn Driver

This 2" exit high frequency compression driver was designed and built by RCF of Italy for use in EAW's (Eastern Acoustic Works) high-end KF755F and KF761 concert line array modules. The DN20/3003-8 (also referred to as the ND3020-T3) boasts several state-of-the-art technologies: a 3" diameter Direct Drive voice coil assembly that guarantees optimal energy transfer from the voice coil to the dome assembly (this creates extended frequency response beyond 10 kHz with reduced break-up modes and lowered distortion), and an ultra-thin pure titanium diaphragm with a variable, damped, progressive parabolic semi-circle surround. A high BL neodymium magnetic circuit provides increased and focused field strength in the voice coil gap.

Added to all of these features is a copper inductance ring to extend the usable response out to and beyond 20 kHz, an aluminum rear cover that features advanced vented fins for heat dissipation, a three-slot optimized geometry phase plug, and a machined adapter that allows this horn driver to mate up to 2"/4-bolt horns when used or 1.4"/4-bolt horns when removed.

Product Specifications

Mounting Type

Exit Diameter

Diaphragm Material


8 ohms

Power Handling (RMS)
110 Watts

7.4 lbs. - 3,25 Kg

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